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HAL : Dernières publications

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  • [hal-00637093] Some remarks concerning the rank of mapping tori and ascending HNN-extensions of abelian groups.

    27 octobre 2017, par Francesco Amoroso, Umberto Zannier
    Let A be a matrix in GL_d(Z) of infinite order. In a recent paper, G. Levitt and V. Metaftsis prove that for any sufficiently large n the matrix A^n is not conjugated to a companion matrix. We first prove a local version of this theorem. Then, we give an effective statement, using linear form (...)
  • [hal-01625058] On the Torsion Anomalous Conjecture in CM abelian varieties

    27 octobre 2017, par Sara Checcoli, Evelina Viada
    The Torsion Anomalous Conjecture (TAC) states that a subvariety V of an abelian variety A has only finitely many maximal torsion anomalous subvarieties. In this work we prove, with an effective method, some cases of the TAC when the ambient variety A has CM, generalising our previous results in (...)
  • [tel-01624238] Contributions to the Langlands program

    26 octobre 2017, par Ildar Gaisin
    This thesis deals with two problems within the Langlands program. For the first problem, in the situation of $\GL_2$ and a non-minuscule cocharacter, we provide a counter-example (under some natural assumptions) to the Rapoport-Zink conjecture, communicated to us by Laurent Fargues.The second (...)

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