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HAL : Dernières publications

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  • [hal-01619460] Statistics for biquadratic covers of the projective line over finite fields

    19 octobre 2017, par Elisa Lorenzo Garcia, Giulio Meleleo, Piermarco Milione, Alina Bucur
    We study the distribution of the traces of the Frobenius endomorphism of genus $g$ curves which are quartic non-cyclic covers of $\mathbbP^1_\mathbbF_q$, as the curve varies in an irreducible component of the moduli space. We show that for $q$ fixed, the limiting distribution of the trace of (...)
  • [hal-01619346] Bad reduction of genus $3$ curves with complex multiplication

    19 octobre 2017, par Irene Bouw, Jenny Cooley, Kristin Lauter, Elisa Lorenzo Garcia, Michelle Manes
    Let $C$ be a smooth, absolutely irreducible genus-$3$ curve over a number field $M$. Suppose that the Jacobian of $C$ has complex multiplication by a sextic CM-field $K$. Suppose further that $K$ contains no imaginary quadratic subfield. We give a bound on the primes $\mathfrakp$ of $M$ such (...)
  • [hal-01619330] Twists of non-hyperelliptic curves of genus 3

    19 octobre 2017, par Elisa Lorenzo García
    In this paper we explicitly compute equations for the twists of all the smooth plane quartic curves defined over a number field k. Since the plane quartic curves are non-hyperelliptic curves of genus 3 we can apply the method developed by the author in a previous article. The starting point is (...)
  • [hal-00961716] Fibonacci snowflakes

    18 octobre 2017, par Michel Mendes France, Alexandre Blondin-Massé, S. Brlek
  • [hal-01023480] Combinatorial variations on Cantor’s diagonal

    18 octobre 2017, par Michel Mendes-France, Alexandre Blondin Masse, Srečko Brlek, Jean-Philippe Labbé

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